FiumBio Co., Ltd. will strive to become a professional company in the beauty and aesthetic fields.


    • 2020
    • 06

      Released two items including the 「Functional Cosmetics」 DERMAROSA Intensive Cream

    • 03

       Completed ISO13485:2016 certification

    • 02

      Obtained export license for three items including 「Medical Appliance」DERMAROSA Deep with Lidocaine

    • 01

       Patent Application (10-2020-0006509)
      “A Composition with Enhanced Moisture and Exudation Management Capacity for a Dressing Material for Protecting Wound”

    • 2019
    • 09

      「Functional Cosmetics」 DERMAROSA 1st Care Ampoule

    • 07

       Medical device manufacturer (Gyeongin Regional Office of Food and Drug Safety)

    • 07

       Medical device item declaration for FIUM BAND (compression band, Class 1)

    • 07

       Patent application (10-2019-0087523)
      for “Manufacturing Method for Crosslinking Hyaluronic Hydrogel with Excellent Stability and Physical Characteristics”

    • 07

       Patent application (10-2019-0091431)
      for “Manufacturing Method for Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid Based Functional Biocompatibility Polymer Compound with Excellent Injection Force”

    • 04

       Cosmetics manufacture and sales (Gyeongin Regional Office of Food and Drug Safety)

    • 2018
    • 08

       Establishment of an affiliate research institute (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

    • 06

       Venture company certification (Korean Venture Capital Association)

    • 04

       Establishment of FiumBio Co., Ltd.